5 marketing ideas small businesses can steal from bloggers

Have you ever wondered how the heck bloggers and social media influencers have managed to turn their digital personas into profitable enterprises? Most don’t have business development backgrounds or teams of people working with them,…

Ever wondered how bloggers grow their audinece? Here's 5 marketing ideas small businesses can steal from them to give their website and social media a boost

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How to survive lockdown as a freelancer 

It’s two years since I went freelance with my digital marketing and copywriting business. And what a different world we live in now! Here’s how I’m doing my best to survive lockdown as a freelancer…

Here's how I'm learning to survive lockdown as a freelancer and parent, plus some tips for other small business owners affected by COVID-19

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5 mistakes businesses make when they start a blog

Blogging is a super way to keep your business website fresh. Plus it gives you the opportunity to share your expertise with clients and potential customers in a useful way. In fact, many may visit…

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Top blogging tools to make your life easier

Recently I shared a day in my life as a travel blogger and mentioned a few things that I do as part of my routine. Scheduling social media posts, editing pictures and making my blog…

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Why work with influencers: a guide for travel brands

Influencer relations is a fairly recent addition to the marketing mix. Bloggers, YouTubers and social media personalities, or ‘influencers’ as they are collectively known, are presenting new opportunities for brands to reach customers on a…

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